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Kansas City's Original Neighborhood Pizza Place
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Our Story - A Passion for the Good Things in Life.

The Crust

Lightning cracked. Winds howled. The storm was fully formed and showing its mighty fury. The year was 1967 and Dick Ryan had a dinner party in progress. As he began to prepare his culinary masterpiece, a look of dread suddenly swept across his face. Dumfounded he said, “I’m short on the key ingredient.” Stunned, the dinner guests, friends and family alike, fell silent.

However, with Dick’s resolute enthusiasm and indomitable spirit – saints be damned, or come hell or high water – the meal would go on.

“Improvise, man!” was his rallying cry – and with an extra handful here, a smidge less there – ingredients combined with tremendous speed and specter-like inspiration. As the oven glowed red, only time would tell whether or not this noble effort was worthy.

Twenty anxious minutes passed. The optimistic, and hungry, group gathered round. His wife Loreta took the first bite. It was an angelic symphony of tastes and textures as she sampled the perfectly crisp, flavorful crust accompanied by homemade sauce and premium cheeses. From the brimstone and chaos of that fateful evening – the first Pizza Shoppe Pizza was born.

Now more than 50 years later, Pizza Shoppe is one of the oldest and longest-held, single-family businesses in Kansas City – wooing customers one phenomenal pizza at a time with a one-of-a-kind crust, fresh, tasty toppings and an atmosphere unlike any other.

Get a taste of this auspicious history for yourself! Stop by today and discover why Pizza Shoppe is Kansas City’s ORIGINAL Neighborhood Pizza Place!

Next time – the spine-tingling story of “The Pink Stuff”!